Saint Dominic Evangelizes An Innkeeper

Excerpted from Saint Dominic de Guzman by Fray Diego Matamoros

On their first evening of the journey, the small band of Royal emissaries stopped at an inn is [sic] southern France to rest for the night. The owner of the inn was a heretic, who engaged the bishop and young sub-prior in a discussion. Up to this point, neither the bishop, nor Saint Dominic had any idea of the nature of this heresy, or the mental hold that it had on its adherents. The three argued late into the evening. The bishop, becoming sleepy, retired, leaving the young Dominic to carry on alone.

The innkeeper and Saint Dominic debated for the rest of the night. When the light of day dawned, morning found the innkeeper on his knees, penitent and restored to the Catholic Faith. In that long night, the light of truth had conquered him. This innkeeper was the first soul that Dominic saved from the dualistic errors of the Albigensians.