There Is No Such Thing As “Remarriage” After Divorce

“Remarriage” is a word that is being used very imprecisely in an important public discussion about reception of Holy Communion.

In reality, a remarriage is a marriage that is contracted by someone whose previous marriage ended with the death of the other spouse. This is the only sense in which the word “remarriage” has any meaning, because the death of the spouse is the only way a marriage can end.

Many in the Church, including bishops and cardinals, are using the word “remarriage” to refer to public simulations of marriage that are in fact adultery. If one divorces, then simulates marriage with someone who is not their original spouse, one is not “remarried”, but is shamefully committing public adultery.

The perennial teaching and practice of Holy Mother Church has been to deny Holy Communion to those who engage in public adultery. She does this not to punish the divorced, but to keep them from the greater sin of unworthy reception of Holy Communion.

To suggest that she should change in this matter is to deny Christ by denying the teachings of the Church of which he is head.

The fact that Church prelates such as Cardinal Walter Kasper are suggesting that this is even up for discussion is an objectively grave scandal. The fact that Pope Francis is complicit in this discussion is scandal of the highest caliber.

Any members of the Church’s heirarchy who attempt to “change doctrine” in this matter bring schism upon the Church and lead countless souls to sin and perdition.