Reason Can Prove God's Existence

The existence of God can be proven/demonstrated from reason alone. But don’t take my word for it: Oath Against Modernism (Denz. 2145) And first, I profess that God, the beginning and end of all things, can be certainly known and thus can also be demonstrated by the natural light of reason “by the things that are made” [cf. Romans 1:20], that is, by the visible works of creation, as the cause by the effects. »

Nemo Potest Dare Quod Non Habet

Nemo potest dare quod non habet is a Latin phrase that translates “No one can give what he has not.” It is a cliché because it is so very true. If you do not have an apple, you cannot give someone an apple. If you do not have an umbrella, you cannot give someone temporary shelter from rain. If you do not have sound catechesis, you cannot pass on the Catholic faith to anyone else. »

Keeping Faith Defined

A post entitled Keeping Faith Real by Marc Cardaronella introduced me to the concept of “enrichment of faith”. A definition, by way of quotes: It’s the idea that faith is only truly enriching when it’s a lived reality in the heart of the believer. And, it must be communicated that way. Everything, “all pastoral activity,” Wojtyla wrote, was to be directed toward fostering a mature faith that was fully lived. »