Why People Get Stuck On The Liturgy

Catholics on Facebook often hang out in topical Facebook groups. Liturgy, evangelization, theology: all are fair game for such groups.

One thing I noticed early on is no matter what the group topic is, conversation regularly returns to matters of liturgy.

Some groups embrace liturgy discussions. Some set up separate groups and ask members to talk about the liturgy over there, in the liturgy group. Others just outright ban liturgy talk altogether.

Still, liturgy is always cropping up. It’s understandable, given the Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith.

The absolutely fundamental nature of the liturgy, especially the holy sacrifice of the Mass, was really driven home for me when I read this article on “the other abuse crisis”. The subtitle puts it quite plainly:

How is it possible for bishops & priests to respect the bodies of the faithful, when some of them do not even respect the Body of the Lord?

I highly recommend you read the article, by a seminarian who was himself subjected to abuse.

And if you find yourself in an online discussion and someone brings liturgy up for the umpteenth time, even on a seemingly unrelated topic, think of the following:

  • How we pray teaches us how we believe. If our prayer is slipshod, irreverent, and disrespectful, our beliefs will be similarly disordered.
  • Virtue is forged by good habits. Vice is forged by evil ones. Why habituate ourselves to vicious liturgy?
  • Fixing the liturgy of the Latin Rite won’t fix all of the Church’s problems. But it is a fundamental problem in dire need of fixing. And it affects all aspects of Church life.